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Healing from Trauma

I invite you to come and begin the transformation process of ashes to beauty.

It's no secret that trauma lies dormant and hidden until it is triggered. We are unaware of when experiencing extreme yet irrational responses/reactions to minor events. It is possible to work through the trauma healing process on your own, however I do advise support to handle the high level experiences of the following: sexual abuse, ongoing emotional abuse, physical abuse, and any major events that leave a deep imprint (being robbed, raped, etc.)

Resources to help with healing of trauma:

* Essential Oil Healing Therapy

* Charlson Meadows provides beautiful retreats at a minimal expense in Minnesota

There are probably countless resources out there that are a perfect fit for you in your healing journey.

Healing from Trauma makes you stronger, more loving and caring. Facing your fears is the bravest thing you can do.

You matter. Your story matters. There is an oasis for you in your desert times.

Prayer to begin......


Please lead and guide me each step of the way in my journey of healing my broken heart and painful memories. I invite you to come and begin the transformation process of ashes to beauty. Mourning into joy and dancing. Please put a new song in my heart and vision in my mind. Show me how much you love me and help me to grow in loving myself. Holy Spirit I give you permission to enter the painful places and heal me.

In Jesus name Amen

If you would like someone to walk alongside you and coach you while you are on your road to healing and help you have breakthrough, book a free Gold Coaching Consultation Today.


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