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Japanese repairing of broken pottery

          When we are broken, or suffering, we are growing.  Old ways of being, thinking and doing no longer fit or work.  We feel broken, lost, confused and shattered.  It is impossible to see clearly or feel hope.  Yet.....most of us keep going somehow.  Healing is a painful process and we often cling and long for the old ways-even if they were toxic and unhealthy because the unfamiliar is scary.  BUT-if you keep going, keep healing, and keep trusting God to love and help in the variety of ways specific to you-before long you will start to see the broken places being transformed right before your eyes into gold.  Little by little, piece by piece.  What once was useless shards of glass is now a rare work of priceless art-BECAUSE of the pain and suffering.  Pain gives meaning and purpose to our lives.  Its not our circumstances that need changing-its how we see and understand.  Embrace the process and let life happen as it will, you are gold and the pieces are all coming together in new ways that will serve you.

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