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Gnats & Leeches

There are some things that come up in life that we are able to handle with more ease than others. Then, as if someone has been reading our journal or overhearing your inner prayers, the very things you are most triggered by start interrupting your day. This can be either a curse or a blessing.

I have personally found myself feel the rug pulled out from under me by unmet expectations. I was looking to some people and things outside of me to bring more security into my life.

Is it just me, or when you are triggered does an overwhelming feeling of helplessness wash over you? Like all your superpowers you had just a moment ago have vanished?

I am learning and discovering how to reclaim that power in less and less time. Recognizing what is happening is a big part of it. LIfe doesn’t happen to us its happening for us. (That’s a Tony Robbins quote BTW)

As soon as I am able to recognize that there is some memory or false belief that is underneath this trigger I am able to quiet my soul and start to let the feelings and thoughts come. Why does this bother me so much? What is true? What story am I telling myself?

As I process the painful emotions and journal, the gunk starts to come to the surface of the waters and I am able to sort through what the root beliefs were that I had been holding onto that needed replacing.

This is NOT a quick process, and depending on the severity of the pain and trauma that is attached to the false belief, it may take awhile to process, heal, and work through replacing it.

The very worst thing we can do is to stuff, deny, push through, and ignore.

But, we are never alone. The God of the universe who is love wants to rescue the true you to come forth and shine. He/she is the great healer and will speak life and freedom to your heart, spirit, and soul.

Blessings and love my friends,

Jessica Charis

PS. Some leaders that are extremely helpful with processing trauma are: Dr. Caroline Leaf, Dr. Nicole (Holistic Psychologist), and Shay (,


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