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It Smells Like Weed

Why do we believe lies over truth? Because we believe that its less painful......but its just procrastinating and putting off the pain of the truth (which gets bigger and bigger over time.)

True story. I got an uber from the airport. And if you know me personally, I am a truth teller. If you don't like truth, you probably won't like me. I have grown over the years in tact, wisdom, and mostly (still growing in this) being gracious and mixing in gentleness.

Well........I got in this really nice new car with leather seats. And an overwhelming smell of pot came over me. A lot of people love this smell-I don't. And I think that if you have an Uber business you shouldn't be smoking weed in your car and then pick up customers (its not good for business).

I said matter of factly to the kind driver, "Your car reaks like weed. You shouldn't be smoking weed if you have an Uber business. I'm not going to tell Uber, but you need to stop." I did not expect a response, but this man started yelling at me.

He started yelling about how he doesn't smoke weed, and does he look like someone who smokes weed. Then he got out and opened up his trunk and showed me FOUR car scented trees hanging around inside his car (!!!!) To prove he doesn't.

I said, don't yell at me. I'm not going to argue with you. You can't tell me what I can and can't smell and I smell weed. I care about you and people and your customers are not going to say anything. They will just get in here and bear it. So I'm telling you to help your Uber business. Don't smoke weed in your car if you're doing Uber.

He didn't say a word and started blasting worship music from his radio.

I am not sure if he listened to me or not. If he somehow convinced himself that he didn't and doesn't smoke weed, or if he stopped smoking it in his car. Or if he started to reflect more on his life and where he's going.....

Can you handle the truth? Are you looking to know and understand the truth? No matter how hard and painful that truth might be? Or does your life and home smell like weed and everyone can smell it but you?

Putting off a painful truth doesn't make it go just makes it grow. bigger and BIGGER.

Be brave. You can do this. You can love yourself in this way and stop running, hiding, and denying. There is so much grace.

Its too bad my driver didn't respond with more huility. I would have loved to speak love, encouragement, grace, and understanding into his life. But he shut me out and locked the door because I pointed out the obvious.

Pride is such an enemy. It is something that doesn't look good on anybody.

So are lies. The more quickly we expose and shine truth on them the better. Pride usually can't live in the same room as truth. They don't get along well.

I believe in a Papa God of love who brings us into his arms and loves on us and helps us. He is safe to share your heart with. I promise.


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