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What Has Become of Us?

People are very powerful beings. We are able to create magical make-believe lands that we then live in and expect others to know the rules and expectations of that non-reality.

Basically this is exactly what has become of our world and country-except the make-believe land has been created by the government and being enforced by hospitals and doctors.

What is the truth? Noone really knows. Who is the enemy? Basically the enemy is everyone else. If you believe and insist on masks-it is the unmasked. If you think masks=communism, it is the masked.

If you are convinced covid is a hoax and vaccinations are the anti-christ, then the enemy is the vaccinated and vaccines. If you think you are most likely going to die tomorrow because of the unvaccinated then the enemy becomes the unvaccinated.

This make-believe world has certain goals and objectives. Make the people sick with confusion, fear, isolation, and bitterness. Let the darkness get bigger and bigger until they no longer care who the enemy is as long as they are watching the news.

I listened to a woman at a party go on for an hour about covid and how much she knows, and the underground people she knows, etc. The interesting thing is that she didn’t seem kind, caring, or like I even existed as a person.

We have lost our sense of true self and that we are actually made in the image of a being who shines brighter than the sun. We were made to love and be loved. To recognize the fire within us to pour out into other people’s lives.

When was the last time you saw the person in front of you as a human being that suffers, has dreams, hopes and disappointments? What burden are they carrying that you can make a little lighter by your kindness?

If you are missing hope, clarity, and peace it isn’t too late. Think of someone who is walking in peace and love and talk to them about how you can get free of the confusion, fear, darkness and fog.

Hope is waiting for you. Healing. Love. Light. You don’t have to keep living in the muck. You have power inside of you. You were made for so much more than this.


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