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How to Have a Healthy Spirit

If you want to think of your spirit as a body that you are not able to see with your physical eyes, that might be the most helpful way for you to apply what we are about to talk about, which is how to get your "spirit" in the best and healthiest shape.

Joy is felt by our emotions, but I believe it is from our spirit that we feel it. Same with all the emotions. Which, when clogged and not cared for can cause us to begin to feel numb and depressed. This is when the spirit has become neglected for so long, like an engine it just basically shuts down. In this blog, I will list basic steps to get the engine running smoothly again, assuming the "shut down" scenario. You were hurting for so long, your system stopped running.

Step one Since we are not independent spirits, but interconnected, we need to be mindful of what spirits we have been and currently connected to that are like poison to our spirits. Some refer to these as "soul ties". Some ways that we can sever the soul ties is to forgive the person in all the ways they have hurt us. Then we can release them and bless them. By doing this we are setting the person free.

Ask God to sever and release the soul tie and fill the places where the person was connected. By doing this you will find a lightness-especially in your mind. More peace and clarity. Sometimes this can include groups that you became deeply involved with.

Step two Journal. Journal about the experience of forgiving and releasing. Write about all things things you learned from the experience. How you've grown and how you will be wiser in the future with relationships. What things about you persona;;y made you more weak and unaware of the toxic red flags? Are you healed and matured in those areas or is there room for growth?

Step three Feed your spirit. After being outside for a run on a hot day, you are thirsty and sweaty. Drinking lots of refreshing cool water feels so good. Your spirit needs the same. What does water look like for the spirit? A safe space. Comfort. Encouragement. Understanding. Clarity. Truth. Positivity. Beauty. Silence. Reflection. Rest. Love. Kindness. Grace. Forgiveness of self. Awareness. Being. Music. Reading. Friendship. Creating. Feeling. As you tune into the longings and desires that are healthy and beneficial, listen and act on what you are drawn to in these moments of focusing on healing and feeding your spirit.

Step four Soaking. Similar to step three, soaking is more about being in the presence of love (Papa God). As you just simply be and rest in His Presence, you can feel His love rush over you and your spirit. Its almost like soaking in a hot bath with rose petals, essential oils, candles, and epsom salts-but for your spirit and infinitely better. I recommend playing some soaking music if you'd like-you can look up "soaking music" on Youtube or Spotify. These are so lovely to listen to.

Step five Spiritual woundedness is a real thing and should not be taken lightly. There are those that wound, but there are also people out there that bring healing. These are the spiritual healers. If that is something you feel like you need, ask God to bring one that would be a perfect fit for you personally. He will hear you and answer.

Step six Continue caring for your spirit and seeking God's healing and loving presence to soak in. Be aware of your spirit letting you know if something is helpful or harmful. The spirit's health is not less important than any other part of you, it may be the most important.

May you realize more and more the powerful and amazing person you are every day and see the gold within. May you be fully alive and thriving.


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