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Self Awareness is the New Happy Pill

Ancient wisdom and people have figured this out years ago, but we modern people are finally catching on and the the wind is taking this new pill to the far corners of the earth.....

To some this is a foreign concept, to others meeting with God in a secret place has been interwoven into their lives like drinking water.

Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom before someone is brave enough to look at-really look at themselves in the mirror. To see all of who they are at that moment-the good and the bad. And start to take ownership of the person they no longer can run from.

The essence of who you are needs to be seen, heard, known and loved. The two people that can do that the best are you and God.

You both are able to do that with full acceptance and unconditional love.

The first step is self awareness. To sit with yourself. To be. As you gently invite your thoughts, emotions, and being to come forth and live it will bring about a rush of suppressed issues that you have not let surface (this is if you haven't tried this before.)

To begin this practice, start with as much time as you like. Or you can devote a whole weekend to beginning, unplug, and rent a cabin by yourself in nature.

For me, I have interwoven spiritual prayer and journalling into my time of self reflection and it has brought incredible healing, restoration, and grounding into my life.

Our spirits are meant to be free and fully alive. I believe that this life is the breath that God breaths into us when we are first cells within our mother's womb. To be disconnected from the creator who loves us so much-we are missing half of our sense of being.

God's Spirit in my experience has been the main guide to the majority of my healing. By me going to him (or her since its a spirit-its non gender) he has spoken to me through words, pictures, and helped me overcome and heal from the most painful and impossible circumstances and traumas.

The most healing experiences that I have had with God is when he has exposed lies that have been tormenting and hurting me and replaced them with the Truth. There are so many lies that I have been blind to.

God is not a forceful, controlling, or oppressive person. He is gentle, loving, kind, and healing. His presence is one of grace, mercy, and love. He will not heal you or help you without you asking him or your permission. He is a loving father. So honoring and respectful of you and your sprit and being. He is love itself.

His heart for you is to be fully alive and free. To have a healthy relationship with yourself and Him as your loving Papa who is proud of you.

I hope you start taking time if you haven't yet to get to know the real you and the real loving Papa who adores you.

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