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Why the Spirit Shouldn't be Ignored

When we have a physical need such as hunger, we usually eat. When we have an emotional need and feel sad, we cry. Why then when our spirit has a need is it ok for us to ignore those needs? It may be because in our society many people are just now learning how to meet them.....

I believe that one of the reasons that the spirit and its needs has been looked at so little is because it is something that is as tangible and real as it is unsearchable and vast. Our spirit is also intertwined with our mind, body, soul and emotions. So, when our spirit is affected-so are the other parts of us.

We can watch a movie that is so triggering and impactful it can make us physically ill. This is our emotions, mind (memory), and spirit at work. People today often refer to the spirit as "energy". Science has proven its existence-we have a field around us. We can "sense" atmospheres and vibes.

Life in our spirit is vital to be and feel alive in our bodies. Without it, we are in a zombie state going through the motions. Having a spirit that has its needs met is able to bring healing and wholeness to other parts of the body.

Have you noticed that certain people, places, events bring you more joy? Peace? Others depression, anxiety, and fear? Sometimes its the mind and a memory, sometimes its a feeling, and sometimes your spirit is picking up another spirit/energy and it isn't agreeing with you.

This part of our being is something that I am passionate about because it is the #1 piece that has been instrumental in my own journey of thriving and fullness of life.

Breath. From God's Sprit.

I'm not sure if the words are as important as the knowing, releasing, inviting, and being. God's breath is what gave life to our spirits and I believe that His Spirit is what is bringing the joy, peace, community, laughter, and healing through people all over the world today.

How do we know what our spirit needs? I am not sure we do, but He does. I call Him Papa God, and I invite His Spirit to come and align all of me with what is true and who He is (love). I ask him to cleanse me of the bad and toxic things. To wash me. To renew my thoughts and mind.

He does every time. I always feel full, loved on, refreshed, healed, and whole whenever I take time to meet with His Spirit and do this.

I put a picture of a sailboat because I think life is like wind and we are the sailboat. We may have a course that we have mapped out that we would like to sail, but without being aware of the wind and how it is affecting our sail we will be way off course.

We need to pay attention to how we need to adjust the sails to stay on course. If we focus on the wind that won't help us. The waves naturally aren't going to take us to where we want to go. If we go to sleep who knows where we are going to end up.

Also, please take care of who and what you are entrusting help with your spirit to. There are many who will be supportive, loving, kind, and helpful. But so many who have a potential to be poisonous and deadly.

Jesus' only enemies were the religious leaders. It is they who killed him. It is also religion that kills our spirits. Nothing has changed.

You will know when you are on the right track when you are feeling more and more alive, growing, shedding, and thriving.


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