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She Rose

When the heart aches and we are broken and weary from waiting and weeping....there is something inside of us that can fall asleep. That something I believe is hope.

What stirs hope? Where does the light that breaks through into our darkness come from? I believe it comes from the Spirit of Jesus who brings us light, love, life, and hope.

There is a beautiful story about a woman who was barren and unable to have children. It was in a time and place where it was what brought a woman purpose and meaning. This woman's name was Hannah and her husband was married to another woman who was able to have many children. There was jealousy between the wives because Hannah's husband loved Hannah more than the other wife. Hannah was beyond grief......and as the story goes....

Hannah was eating with her husband one day...."Once when they had finished eating and drinking in Shiloh, Hannah stood up. Now Eli the priest was sitting on his chair by the doorpost of the Lord’s house." (1 Samuel 1:9)

The word "Stood up" is ἀνίστημι (anistémi), it means: I raise up, set up; I rise from among (the) dead; I arise, appear.

There is something I believe inside of Hannah that "rose up" or "stood up" and she began to emotionally and spiritually birth Samuel in prayer and weeping before the Lord.

She no longer held back because she was worried what people would think of her, but behaved in such an abandoned way that the priest thought she was drunk.

Hannah "rose" and began to pour out her heart to Jesus. Jesus heard her and answered her.

I don't know about you, but sometimes it takes some wearing down before I get to this point. I try to keep my cool. Hold it together, be distinguished before I break. But when I do break, and the tears flow, and I am able to pour my heart out to Jesus in tears.

He hears and I am held.

Whenever we weep before Jesus, we birth new life. Sometimes in the natural, but always in the spiritual.

The true Hannah was tired of being without hope, and she gathered her broken heart and rose and went to Jesus with it. Her hope shifted from herself to Jesus and his mercy and grace.

Do you have a hope that has fallen asleep? Do you need to rise and pour out your heart to Jesus? Are you ready to birth something new?

Spoiler alert: Hannah gives birth to a son and gives her son to God. Samuel is a great and beloved leader of God's people. This story is in 1 Samuel in case you would like to read it.


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