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Get Active

Use your imagination to picture the healthiest version of you. Your skin, shape, eyes, and how you physically feel.

What is in your way from becoming that person? For me it is starting. Actually doing the first week. As soon as I am in the habit of something, and it is a part of my routine I long for it when I get too busy.

If you ask anyone who is physically active why they work out, many will answer that it is addicting. The serotonin it produces is worth the sweat and soreness alone.

But the benefits are extensive: feeling healthy, more energy, clarity of mind, a feeling that you can conquer the world, more drive and ambition, more confidence, youthfulness, strength, and a domino affect for other areas of your life.

Whatever goals you want to set for yourself and I am here to cheer you on: YOU CAN DO THIS!! If you are already on your way-awesome!

I just finished a 90 day health journey that you can look at on my highlights on my IG (the link is in the footnotes). I started with going off of gluten, dairy and sugar but it ended up spilling over into my emotional, mental, and spiritual health as well.

I encourage you to start small with one goal, and as soon as you master that goal then add a new one.

Here are two of my favorite sites for indoor workout routines:

Casey Ho has been a top inspiration for me to push myself. I love her authenticity and her positive attitude.

All of Adriene's videos are free on youtube and her 30 day workouts are my favorite.

If you have a certain style, go with that. Peloton bikes are the new rage. I do not own one and am content with my routine and I wouldn't suggest getting one unless you are sure you will use it.

Signing up for a 5K run is also a good idea. Or something else you would need to train for. My best friend signed me up for a marathon in 2004. It was on my bucket list and we did it together. Unforgettable. Groupon sometimes has these races listed on their site.

I started slow and worked my way up. If you want to start working out one time the first week, then add another day the next. Maybe ten minutes is more doable than 30. Just try to make it work for you and your schedule.

This is self love and self care. Working out also helps with motivation to make healthier choices when it comes to food choices.

That's another blog.

Write down one doable goal and start this week. Your future self will love you for it!


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