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Circadian Rhythm

“Many bodily functions operate based on a circadian clock,” Dr. Schwartz says. “Everyday functions – such as sleepiness, wakefulness and hunger – and many hormones function based on a circadian rhythm. The clock maintains the rhythm, so we have ebbs and flows throughout the day, such as being sleepy during part of the day but awake and active for the other part.” -Taken from Integris

Circadian rhythm is something we have moved far away from and we are hurting because of it. Not only have toxins everywhere affected our hormone balance but so has electricity and now technology.

Listening to this podcast by Dr. Caroline Leaf was life changing and I began the circadian fasting discussed by Dr. Amy Shah. It has improved my hormone balance drastically. I had no idea how much I was overeating and what it was doing to my hormones. It wasn't hard for me to switch over to this rhythm of fasting-its like my body was asking me to do this for a long time and relieved when I started.

I also noticed that if I am able to get outside in the morning for even 5 minutes, its like an "on" switch goes on inside of me. Natural light wakes our systems up and gets our metabolism going. Just like a lack of light at night slows us down and preps our bodies for a solid night sleep.

I have definitely not arrived with the turning off electronics by 8:30 at night or having a consistent bedtime, but I am definitely working towards these goals.

Here is the link to Dr.Amy's website. Its worth it to tune into the natural rhythm of our bodies.

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