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Mindfulness & Nutrition

What we put into our bodies matter. This topic is controversial because we can easily abuse our bodies with food by either overeating or underrating.

Eating disorders are either born in the mind psychologically or come from an unmet need in the heart and soul. We desire to "feed" that which is empty emotionally, or "perfect" and "control" our body because we feel out of control in another area of our lives.

We are complex beings. The soul, body, mind, and spirit intertwined. With an eating disorder the mind, soul, and spirit are affecting the body.

There is hope for you if you are in this category. By starting the journey of loving yourself, and showing up for you and your own life you can choose to go down the path of healing and discovering the root of what is off in your reality. What lies you are believing about yourself, your body, and your life?

Here are some beginning questions to ask yourself if you struggle with punishing your body by withholding food or gorging on food:

1) What need am I meeting by these actions? Is it an emotional need? External need? What area in my life am I feeling empty and needing to be filled? Or is there an area that I feel like is out of control?

2). Do I have any self hatred? Why? What area in my life do I need to forgive myself and give myself grace? What lies am I believing about myself?

No one can answer these questions for you. Please show up for yourself and do the hard work of peeling off the layers that are causing you harm. Here is a help line for you to call.

Jesus, please bring healing and wholeness to areas that are broken in this beautiful soul's life. Where there is pain bring peace. Where there is punishment and condemnation bring grace and mercy and love. Where there is emptiness please fill them with joy and gladness. Please bring them into the reality of truth and how you see them. Bring light in the darkness. Please restore what was broken.

If this is a secret that you haven't shared with anyone, please tell an adult or friend that cares for you. If you are in school, please talk to your school's counselor.

I personally know vegans, vegetarians, nutritionists, those eating the paleo way and those focused on the Keto diet. The list is extensive. There are so many paths to go down.

I suggest starting with a basic Whole Foods diet. Getting rid of the sugar, dairy, gluten, and processed foods. Try that for a month, then add a little dairy back in and see how you feel.

I drink a glass of water right when I wake up. I also try to add in a hot glass of water with a lemon on an empty stomach to aid digestion.

Keeping a food journal has been life changing for me. It has helped me notice how certain foods were affecting me. If you eat a certain food and experience fatigue, stomach cramping, and/or a headache the chances that you ate something you are sensitive to is high. Take a highlighter in your journal and highlight that food and write down how you felt after eating.

Go on my instagram and look at my health journey on my highlight story. You will notice all the things I learned along the way. My sleep quality improved, I gained more clarity, my skin cleared up, I was happier with more energy, and I felt overall lighter and healthier.

I am still growing and learning about how I can make better food choices.

Cookbook/websites I recommend:

* Cassey has a whole section on her website with some great recipe ideas

* I am a HUGE fan of Trim Healthy. Mama and use this cookbook a lot

* Against All Grains has delicious recipes for those who have a lot of food allergies/sensitivies

I suggest you start slow and gradually start replacing your food with healthier alternatives. As you start feeling better you won't crave or desire the old way of eating.

Some great beginning goals: Try to drink 62 oz. of water in a day, increase vegetable intake, decrease red meat, and start taking vitamins (D3, magnesium, multivitamin, and a B complex).

I do have a scale, but they are not reliable because muscle weighs more than fat. So, you may be gaining weight from working out and eating healthy.

Close your eyes and picture your healthiest self. That person is your goal. You can do this! Choose to love yourself and your body by putting healthy food into it. Your future self will thank you!


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