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False Hope

When disillusionment is at your door, here are some signs to consider.

We have all been deceived. We have all been lied to at one time or another. Or convinced ourselves something/someone is true when it isn't. When the realization that we have been taken advantage of, used, betrayed, or lied to sinks in, the affects are far reaching and can feel like a dagger to the heart.

Here is a list I came up with to help my future self, and hopefully others when trying to discern if you are falling into a trap or not.


* Dangling of a carrot-if whatever you are hoping for or chasing always seems just out of reach and you never seem to be able to catch it, this is a sign of false hope. In other words, stop your chasing because it is fruitless and pointless. Rein yourself in and reassess. Bring a trusted and wise friend into the situation to help you process from a different perspective. Try to get clarity.

*Draining- You are drained mentally, physically, and emotionally. Whatever you are hoping for is sucking the life out of you.

*Thief-This thing you are hoping for is stealing from you; time, money, trust or your general sense of wellbeing.

*Slime-You are growing in stress, panic and/or fear.

*Unrealistic focus-All your being is going into the carrot/whatever you are hoping for.

*Entrapment-Once you begin going after the carrot you begin to feel like you are in a web and trapped.

*Confusion-You are being told lies/partial truths.

*Thoughts-How you think about the carrot (what you are hoping for) your thoughts begin with "I" not "God".

*Repeated disappointments-Promises are broken or empty

*Self-deception-At this point you can't face the truth your carrot isn't real so you keep lying to yourself and going after something that isn't real. You want the "thing" you are hoping for so badly.

*Self-reliance-You will get it in your own strength, wisdom, and way.

*Over-spiritualize-You may attach spiritual meaning to it-"God is leading me" or "this is from God".


*Impossible to believe-too good to be true

*Only God could do it

*Undoubtably true

*No lies/secrets

*Peace, joy, trust

*Focus on the goodness of God

*Based on grace, mercy, and love

*Life giving

*Perfect timing

*Sweet spot-feels very right deep down in your gut

*More than what you could ask for or imagine

*Promises fulfilled

*Based on God's wisdom, knowledge and understanding-not man's


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