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Label Addicts

We love neat little boxes. Putting the world, God, people, ourselves, and our children in them. Problem? It isn't reality and can be so very damaging. We end up creating a false reality and squeezing ourselves and others into it because with boxes-there's a lid and we feel in control.

More and more doctors and psychologists are understanding the damage to a "diagnosis". As soon as something is spoken over a person, it somehow cements it. Statistics have shown that those who have more hope of recovering do, and those that give up trying have less of a chance of recovering.

Has anyone (especially someone holding a professional title) spoken a diagnosis over you? Whether that be physical, mental, or both? I have good news-those words and the state you are currently in isn't permanent. You can change, heal, and recover.

It is interesting to note that some people love the labels and boxes for a variety of reasons. It can be something to hide behind, means of gaining attention, or fear of taking responsibility for their lives, familiarity, and victim mentality.

It takes incredible courage to show up for your own life. To peel off the victim mindset and trade it in for one of empowerment and courage. To go from taking to giving.

My point is that we need to stop giving these labels power. They are only a temporary descritption for where you may be today. It doesn't need to be true of you in a month.

I had a very sad experience recently, where I met a young lady younger than 20. Immediately after meeting her, she went into a long list of all her "diagnosis" of autism, ADHD, sleep apnea, etc. I listened and saw right through them. Someone or some people have tried putting this beautiful girl in a box. Trying to "figure her out" they brought incredible confusion to her identity.

I am not a professional in diagnosing these different disabilities, but i will say that this girl was so wonderful to talk to. She was easy to connect with, focused, and emotionally present. It was alarming how many things were pasted on her telling her who she is and isn't.

The only label that has stuck on me and penetrated all levels (body, soul, mind and spirit) is the fact that I am a child and daughter of Papa God. I am fully loved, accepted, delighted in, embraced, and I know he is proud of me.

I hope and pray you are able to throw off the labels and work through the root of the label. I hope you find healing, wholeness, and life.

*Of course I am not saying stop medication that you are on without consulting with your doctor. Or be in denial of your reality. But be hopeful that change is possible.


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