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All the Inner Voices

There are so many essential pieces to life that are necessary to learn and understand in order to thrive. Recognizing the different voices that pass through our thoughts is one of them.

One of the components of self awareness and processing emotions is to be able to notice your thoughts. By noticing thoughts, you are able to be an observer and not own all of them-and you don't need to own and agree with all of them. Not all of the thoughts that go through your mind are true, your voice, or worth remembering. By noticing them, you get to choose which are ones you want to think about and keep and which ones you want to reject.

Something that is not talked about is the idea of the spiritual realm. If you hold to the idea of a loose "universe" that is impersonal, what I am about to describe might not make much sense to you, so I will try and explain it the best I am able to.

So far, based on my studies, experiences, and knowledge I have found there to be five different voices that we weed through, reject, or absorb on a day to day basis.

1) The most easily rejected and processed is the world's voice. This voice easily comes in as thoughts and is forgotten (unless it is triggering). These are thoughts you think while on social media, at work, driving in your car, listening to music, etc. There are an infinite number of messages coming at you-many of them not very urgent or important.

2) The next voice is your voice of reason, wisdom, and conscience. Its your voice that helps you make helpful and beneficial decisions, protects, and guides. It is a voice that many times we ignore out of fear, shame, laziness, or ignorance. This voice is important to listen to and strengthen.

3) Our inner child voice is usually silenced, and stuffed. This is the voice of deep woundedness, pain, disappointments, and trauma. Most people go through their whole lives not attending to healing the most true and tender parts of them-becoming whole. Pain that turned into survival was never felt and grieved. Never restored and healed. This voice belongs to our true core self and combining it with our adult voice we are able to get to know our own amazing and vibrant self. The work involved in healing and growing in this process I suggest is for the courageous and brave of hearts-I would add the tender love of God's Spirit is needed and appreciated in this process (which is a life long journey).

4) The voice of the enemy. I believe that we do have an enemy and that evil is alive and well in the world. The enemy is evil, pain, suffering, death, ignorance, hatred, pride, and satan. This enemy loves to kill, steal, destroy-and many times he uses lies to go about his plans. The lies he whispers in our ears have just a hint of truth and are so difficult to reject and not believe. However, as we hold on to each one-they are like poison and slowly eat away at us. The question to ask these thoughts (and any thought) is: Is this true? Does this help me and benefit me by believing this? I often ask God the question: Show me what is true. He always does.

5) The voice of Papa God. I have found this voice to be the most impactful and healing in my life. I am not sure where I would be today if I was not able to hear this voice. His sweet Spirit and spoken healing, life, hope, and truth to me countless times. Because of the amount of suffering I have passed through in my life, knowing the truth has not been an option if I were going to live a life that is free and thriving. In the darkness, this voice has been a light. In death, this voice has brought life and hope. In shame, this voice has spoke truth and joy. In profound grief, this voice has brought comfort. In disappointment, this voice has brought hope. I have found a friend, and safe space in Papa God's presence.

If you are unsure how Papa God sees you, he sees you as his perfect child who he is very proud of. There is only love, mercy, and grace with Him. He knows and understands like no-one and heals completely. If you don't know His love yet, I hope you ask him to show you.

And please start recognizing the voices coming at you, holding onto to the life giving ones, rejecting and replacing the lies.


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