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We need to even honor those who judge us. That is my lesson this month in the classroom of life. Honor.

I'm glad I'm getting older. Older means wiser and more of a restful letting go which equals more freedom. I am learning how to drop baggage and hold hands, support others and resting instead. I'm trading racing against the clock for the best. What others think worth sacrifice I may not, but I will sacrifice for what is most valuable to me. I bought a beautiful, thick, barely used down comforter from Eddie Bauer at a Garage sale yesterday for $1. My girls are fighting over it. Something that will be used for years in our home would have been donated if not sold this weekend. What others are going after with all of their souls does not make something more valuable. What others find useless does not make the object lose its value. I had some experiences this past month that have caused my thoughts and heart long to understand and grow in the area of honor. At first I became greatly discouraged and crushed as I felt dishonored in a few circumstances. I grew resentful and more demanding that others honor me and how it wasn't right I didn't feel honored. Now as more circumstances have come my way and my heart became more crushed I am seeing how I have many times dishonored others and how hurtful that must have been to those people. Honor is HUGE.

It is something we give no matter what. No matter the race, the age, the religion, the gender, the appearance, socioeconomic class, occupation. But we honor because we are ALL made in God's image. We need to honor the elderly and the unborn. Those whose political views are different than ours. We need to even honor those who judge us. That is my lesson this month in the classroom of life. Honor. I feel my first textbook has just been opened and I am skimming the chapter titles: "First One Must Honor Oneself", "Honor shows the value of its object", and "How Honor Reflects Love and Humility". I do not think it is possible to honor well if we have fear. I believe it is a vulnerable thing to honor another person-you are giving the reciever of honor an opportunity to reject the gift. However, I would like to grow in risking honoring others and being rejected than being "safe" and guarding my heart. To spend myself in giving this gift to others is a beautiful occupation and one we all can apply ourselves to. I hope to learn and apply these lessons well. I have a wonderful Teacher.


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