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You are not an Orphan

We have an epidemic of fatherless children and adults. To say it has made an impact on our wellbeing and culture is an understatement.....

When I say the word "fatherless" I am not implying that the Dad has died or passed away (though this may be the case), but that he has been or currently is absent physically and/or emotionally.

It astounds me that this is not talked about in our world. Whenever I see a family and the Dad is stepping up and showing up on every level in love and grace, I soak it in and the little girl in me wishes that for myself and my own girls. Because sometimes having a Dad that is physically there can be worse than if he wasn't.

Having an unmet need of a Daddy's love and support can cut deep. It can leave a wound of desperation that if left unfilled and unmet can lead to countless men and women turning to toxic patterns and things that bring additonal damage and harm.

I personally grew up in a home where my Dad was physically present sometimes, but not there emotionally. Like I wondered if he knew my middle name. In his mind he was doing a thousand times better than his Dad-but that didn't seem to help my experience.

I come from a unique place spiritually-I have a relationship with Jesus as my husband, God as my Papa, and the Holy Spirit as my loving and kind comforting Mommy. I don't agree with most of the religous doctines and beliefs of the current Christian Church-but I believe with all my heart that we are all children of God and God wants us to call him Daddy.

From this place of letting Papa into my life and deepest emotions of my heart he has shown me what a good loving Papa is like and this has brought a deep filling of that hole in my spirit and soul.

He has shown up for me as a defender, protector, provider, guide, leader, and I feel his pride and delight over me.

This didn't happen overnight-mostly becuase I didn't trust or believe that any of this could be real. But over the years I experienced how real it is. And I don't hesitate now to go to him knowing what I will find waiting is my Papa.

If you quiet your heart and spirit enough and invite him in and just wait for the presence of his love to show up-he will.

Even if you've been beaten and abused in every way by your dad-Papa can heal that and replace the pain with healing oils, love, and words.

You will feel unconditionally loved, accepted, seen, heard and known.

You won't feel alone. You will feel safe.

You are not forgotten. You are not alone. You are loved by belong to him and always have.


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