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When the Spirit Breaks

""The spirit of a man can endure his sickness, but a broken spirit who can bear?"

-Proverbs 18:14

We are integrated with four main parts (as far as we know...) body, soul, mind, and spirit. Science has come so far in discoveries concerning the mind, soul, and body-but cannot seem to barely scratch the surface of the spirit.

We look to the religious institutions for answers and are left beaten down, shamed, and more confused than ever.....

We usually know how to find a cure when we are physically sick. We know how to tackle mental illness. Even when the soul is crushed we have an idea of remedies that can heal.

But what about the spirit?

I believe when the spirit is broken is when a person thinks of wanting to die......because it is unbearable. And everyone gets to this place at one point or another.

Mental illness, physical illness, and soul sickness can cause illness in other parts of our intertwined being-including the spirit.

The only remedy I have found for a broken spirit is rest, self care/love, and the Holy Spirit which is the definition of love. You do not need to understand who the Holy Spirit is to ask him/her(it is a spirit-not a gender) to come and heal your spirit and bring comfort and hope. This has never failed to work in my life.

It is God's Spirit that gave us life in the beginning, why would it stop now? But since it is such a gentle (but healing) Spirit, it will not force itself on people but will wait to be asked.

Please don't give up on life or brighter days ahead. You are worth the pressing on and taking each small step forward. Let yourself fall into the arms of love and grace. Please let your spirit heal.

Sometimes broken sprits take a few days to mend, sometimes moments, sometimes a few years. No matter, you will bring others healing in the area which you found it.

This is part of your story and meaning for your life.

Keep going.


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