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You Can Change Your Mind (Literally)

"Anxiety, depression, and post traumatic stress are all ways of describing natural human responses to adversity and the experiences of life......your experience doesn't need to be validated by a medical label."- Dr. Caroline Leaf

This book and neurocycle process developed by Dr. Caroline Leaf has been life changing for me. I am on day 17 of my third neurocycle and have experienced the "cleaning" mentioned in the title of her book. I have the video link posted here and encourage you to invest your time and energy applying this technique to your life-you will not be disappointed.

I personally have tackled the main mental blocks in the order of most life altering to least: "I am safe", "I am valued", and currently working through "God has good plans for me". Faithfully committing to 15 minutes for the first 21 days, then reviewing key phrases an additional 40 days produces a new "thought tree" in place of the old lie/belief.

This is revolutionary and transformational. If you feel like you are stuck in ruts in your thinking or belief system, please invest in you and your mental health and check out this video or Dr. Caroline Leaf's book "Cleaning up Your Mental Mess".

I must confess, the first half of the book is hard to push through (a lot of scientific data and explanations), but it lays a vital foundation for the second half and worth the read.

You are more empowered than you think with personal growth and transformation-you don't need to stay stuck.


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