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2020: A Gift Wrapped in Thorns

We are "wrapping" up the year. A few weeks left and I am one among many that are reflecting.

We are "wrapping" up the year. A few weeks left and I am one among many that are reflecting. A knee-jerk reaction is to say how great it is this year of so much pain, deaths and heartache to be over. It has sure left us feeling beaten, bleeding and bruised. For me many of my nightmares came true. Horrors unimaginable a reality.

But if you managed to bear it all, face your pain, and unwrap the gift of 2020-what did you find? Did you find grace? Love? Mercy? How many seeds were planted?

For me, the tears flowed freely. There were weeks that I felt pain in my heart and I didn't know when it would go away. So many times I hit a wall physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. And I can say where I am now, my perspectiving, and the things I have learned and gained was worth the price.

I have grown so much stronger. Wiser. Thankful. Content. I have learned how to let go more and more. To let the good and bad come in and out of my life as they wish. I have grown in contentment having little. I have learned to become more like a child in my faith. To grow in believing that God is good and faithful and will not abandon me, but take care of me and my girls.

2020 you have thrown your worst punches and taught me how to fight. You taught me what is worth fighting for and what should have been tossed away long ago. You taught me about hope, how to grieve and how to trust God more. You taught me what I am made of and what success really looks like.

You gave me the gift of time with my girls and the capacity to start a new business that God has put on my heart. At first I hated you with a perfect hatred. Now, I feel indebted to you.

Thank you for all the seeds I was able to plant and now I wait for them to grow. Thank you for the tears that brought so much freedom and healing to my soul and heart.

Thank you most of all for the gift of simplicity. I was able to answer the question "how much do I need?"

How much do you need?


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