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Abundance of Wine and Humility

When mercy and compassion are present, most likely there is also action.

I read John chapter 2 this morning about the time when Jesus turned water into wine. I have heard this story countless times, and the focus is always on the wine. The miracles, the symbolism. However, today I noticed something different. I noticed that Jesus, his disciples and his family were guests. We do not know whose wedding this was.

They wedding party runs out of wine. Mary has compassion and gets Jesus. We see that she knows he has powers and can do something. He can create the wine. So we see Mary's concern for others, compassion and then action. When mercy and compassion are present, most likely there is also action.

Then we see Jesus change his mind about not using his powers-and breaks his plans to make lots and lots of wine for drunk people. I love Jesus you guys. He understood and still understands how humans work. He got how the wedding hosts would be humiliated, and although completely unnecessary-he makes a bunch more wine. For Mary, for the host's reputation, and because he actually cared. Kindness and compassion from Jesus and Mary's heart at its best.

Then later in the story we see how the wine is noticed and someone comments to the Bridegroom about how it is the best wine he's had. But the secret has been kept-no one was to know or find out about the miracle. The Bridegroom got the credit. Humility.

How many of us want to shout it from the roof tops some great new thing we are doing or have done. To make sure everyone knows where that came from. Ugh. Jesus? He was always telling everyone to hush about His greatness. The only people that didn't seem to get it and He had to keep reminding them were the Pharisees. They never did believe Him.

Want to follow Jesus and be like him? Kindness, compassion and humility. Help us Holy Spirit.


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