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Visualization as a Tool for Wellness

Many people do not realize that when they worry, they are actually picturing images that their mind and subconscious is going to naturally look for.

One way to shift and renew your mind and thoughts is to get a visual image of what you hope for/long for and let the emotions come when you picture that image.

For example, when I first began this practice, I was in a very dark and discouraging place. Hope was painful, yet I closed my eyes and began picturing and imagining one of my dreams. I imagined the details and even imagined myself there living in it.

This brought incredible healing to me and I let my heart hope for the first time in a long while. I let the tears fall as I imagined this dream. Part of me fought it off and wanted to shove it back down-but I pressed through.

Now visualization is a daily practice for me. I have noticed how much of an impact it has had in my determination to follow through with my daily goals and self-disciplines. I use it as a part of my coaching process with my clients.

It can be used for big goals or smaller ones-like how to process and handle conflicts with others. Imagine yourself handling a conflict in a calm self-controlled way.

Here are some more suggestions on how to apply visualization:

1) Succeeding and feeling fulfilled at your job (or a new job)

2) Handling finances in an honorable way/financial goals

3) How you want other people to experience you

4) Feeling peace and joy (where are you? What are you doing?)

5) Spending time on a relaxing vacation with your family or by yourself

6) A decluttered clean home you are relaxing in and enjoying

7) A positive impact you want to make in the world

Visualization is powerful whether you are using it positively or negatively.

Some of my most powerful times of visualizations I have experienced is when I invite the Holy Spirit to come and bring healing to me and/or show me what is true. I have always come away from these times of healing changed with more clarity.

I would love to know how this practice has impacted you if you do try it.


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