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What Goes In Must Come Out

The mind is like a sponge with information and experiences being stored or discarded continuously. Even when we sleep the mind is busy with REM. The mind is referred to as "the control center" as well as where our emotions are processed.

The more I study the mind, and based on my own experience and healing, it is imperative we think about what we are thinking about.

With each new piece of information comes a decision to accept it as truth, a lie or undecided. Some information will bring positive effects and healing qualities-others death and pain.

I recently went through a very painful experience that was based on false information that I was being given. I chose to believe I was being told the truth. I am still not sure if was false or not, but based on the effects the information had on me, my inclination is to believe that I was being lied to or "taken for a ride."

As I went further and further down this path, there became a point of no return. If I faced the reality that I had believed lies-it seemed to painful to face. Yet-I started not sleeping well, became nervous and fearful, and the information I was being told became all I could think about.

What was coming out of my beliefs during this time? Disconnection with reality. An inability to show up for my kids. Lack of energy. Confusion. Beginnings of unhealthy patterns. My "self" was lost in this sea of what if's.

It wasn't until I spoke with a close friend of mine who knows me well and started challenging my thinking was I able to snap out of it. She challenged me to think about what I was thinking about and choosing to believe as true.

Our thoughts (especially what we focus on and believe are true) will start to leak out into our lives. Our health, sleep, relationships, career, and how we speak.

Our thoughts impact our energy/vibes we give off and what we have convinced ourselves that we "need" or are "lacking".

What do we need to stay clear of? Lies.

What do we need to make sure we are running towards and embracing? Truth.

That is for another blog.


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