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This is such an important habit for you to start if you haven't yet.

If you already have a journal ready to go you are set. Journalling will be a key to tracking and processing your journey. This will tie the different areas of growth together as well; soul, body, mind and spirit. I journal every morning and evening. This is such an important habit for you to start if you haven't yet. I have a link here to a lovely journal for you to order or you can use a basic twenty five cent notebook from Target and have fun decorating the cover.

Once you get going, be ready to start filling them fast-so have a new one on hand to start when you fill the first one. Always date each entry so you can look back on your journal in the future and see how you have grown.

Ideas on what to Journal:

1) Emotions-journal when you are happy, sad, angry, or nostalgic. This is so helpful to sort out and organize how your thoughts and emotions are teaming up.

2) Experiences-Are you on vacation? Did you meet someone for coffee? Start a new job? Just move? There is no right or wrong-write down your own personal thoughts and ideas or perceptions of the event.

3) At least three things you are thankful for at the beginning of the day and/or at the end of the day.

4) Prayers, dreams, and/or goals.

5) I have recently been doing the Future Self Journal, which is free. After you click on the link, scroll down to the "Get My Free Future Self Journal". This is life changing and centers your mind, will, and emotions to achieve one goal for the day.

6) I love to read, listen to podcasts and educational videos. I take lots and lots of notes. I add these to my journal.

7) Dreams. I personally dream a lot, so I used to write my dreams down in my journal until I recently found a dream journal for $4.

8) Whatever you want to. Sometimes its therapeutic to write simply to write. Again, there are no rules.


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