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Take Time to Feel

I am guilty of suppressing my emotions because I am terrified to let them come to the surface. This has caused me to shut down, become depressed, or lead to nervous breakdowns. No one wants to cry or feel sad. No one wants anything to do with negative feelings in general. However, in order to care for your soul, you need to give your heart a safe place to feel. I personally have a hard time feeling again if I have gotten in the habit of going through the motions in life. I ask God to come and bring healing to the innermost places of my being. If it has been longer than you can remember, its time for a weekend get away by yourself to unplug and process through your emotions with God. This is where the healing begins. Below are some book suggestions, including a few that have helped me on my own journey of healing.

I highly suggest you unplug and put all your electronics away so you can truly tune into yourself without any distractions.


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